Never be trust to the people who constantly "lie

 Should be trusted only to those who can provide economic  prosperity and jobs

So people are a fan of any group or nation

 Ensure that these demands

I will also do this

For such groups and countries that have sacrificed their lives

Our problem is that the tail of idealized models

But do not think the economy and young married

I trust only the righteous

All facets of a community without a healthy economy goes to hell

Unfortunately there are some people who own righteousness, but they continually lying

They are magnifying the faults of others

But do not pay attention to their mistakes

There are too many lies and hypocrisy in our society

So much confidence, which is expected to join them or support to them

These men should not have expected from me

I am ready to serve and sacrifice for each and every country that his promise is true

Finally, when managers are unable to act their speaks

Should go and give their place to others   

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