nibiru-gudgment day-survivor

This message is for all the true believers of the world and their religion did not infect the hypocrisy and lies.
I was all worried because of the consistent symptoms appear and what Nibiru Mayan traditions Quran and the Bible has been recorded correctly, they realized
Nibiru may occur after accident
Jesus will come
The apocalyptic saviors will come
After you any idea that God accepts you with open arms
 today the economic situation in the world  has become the joy is gone
I probably know a major event
Do not believe the lies polluted
Some are misguided by devils
People listen to me
We've established a great team
Should be coordinated
I've seen the dream, God always opens the gates of heaven
Little girl and a man who saw compassion come to me
They explicitly told me
Do not be upset by the accusations of others
He said the accusations are false.
He told me my son with beautiful tone
What I can tell you is the truth
I saw another dream
In this dream I saw three distinguished
With the opening of the gates of heaven,i saw the Jesus Christ - Prophet David and Prophet Muhammad
For me there is no difference between races and religions
No difference between an American and an Iranian, and other people
We are equal in the sight of God
Nibiru passing so God may remember
Because supersonic power and electromagnetic yourself somewhere to hide all windows and doors seal cover
Anyone who wants the promised day than those who live in the new age head bow down in front of God and His messenger have 124,000 thousand
I do not like the death of any person
I am not God,  prophet or Antichrist
I am just an advice
So I listen to my words
We are survivors and we must be sure that God's angels are watching you
I love all religions and those in my heart
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